Ayurvedic Medicines Vs Homeopathic Medicines

  • Mar 28, 2022
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What are Homeopathy Medicines and Ayurvedic medicines?

Homeopathy is a type of substitute medicine that was emerged by a German physician Samuel Hahnemann. It was rooted in the thesis of cure 'like with like.' In this type of medication, an ill person's body shows a similar kind of disease; it helps them in boosting the immune system. Homeopathic effectiveness with medical science is always disputed.

It has 3 principles that are single remedies, like with like and minimum dose. Homeopathy is a slow process, but it has no side effects. This type of treatment uses different plants, minerals, and synthetic materials. It can cure various health diseases, including some chronic diseases those are-

  • Premenstrual syndrome
  • Depression
  • Allergies
  • Bowel syndrome
  • Migraine, etc.

It is also useful in slight diseases like coughs, headaches, colds, nausea, etc.

Ayurveda is a natural treatment in India

Ayukarma Ayurveda is a natural treatment that has its roots in India for thousands of years. It majorly focuses on three things yoga, meditation, and massage. Its main purpose is to stop the disease from entering into the human body and to improve the overall health of the person. It has similarities to homeopathy in that it is a completely natural process with no side effects but a highly time taking process. This type of treatment uses vegetable medicines for external and internal use. It believes in three key components that are wind, bile, phlegm.

Ayurveda believes that any diseases that happen to you are because of the imbalance in these three components. It originated nearly about 3500 years ago. Ayurveda provides you with different types of therapies and yoga asanas.

As ayurvedic medicines are made up of minerals and herbs, it has zero side effects on the body. Ayurveda's main focus is to prevent the disease, whereas other medicines mainly focus on treating the disease.

ayurvedic vs homeopathy medicine

Ayurveda's growing popularity

Ayurveda is a traditional medicinal method used to prevent and cure diseases all over the world. It heals the problem naturally and focuses on the all over health of the body. It believes in yoga and meditation for keeping a person healthy. It has its unique qualities to cure disease without having any serious side effects. People are not accepting ayurvedic treatment worldwide and are satisfied with the visible results.

People are now shifting on natural treatments from the other treatments, which include chemicals and have side effects. It now has the capabilities of changing the face of the entire health system. It has its philosophy that 'prevention is always better than cure. It provides people a healthy lifestyle and all over wellness. It helps in maintaining the balance of the body, treats the disorder, and keeps that in complete control.

Modern aspects of Homeopathic medicines

It is a scientifically advanced system that includes new ideas of development and the traditional system of homeopathy.

Homeopathy medicines have certain advantages-

Easy to take - Allopathy medicines are easy to take as they don't have any restrictions or traditional laws like earlier. They are easy to take without having any second thoughts and confusion. You just have to take it under the guidance of a professional. Fast Process- Key concept of modern homeopathy is that it's a fast process which makes it really distinct from the old homeopathy system. It has 4000 new medicines and potency in lakhs available that is proven scientifically and can cure any disease without any side effects.

It's a complete cure - Modern homeopathy is a complete cure for any disease. It recovers the disease completely in a mental, physical and holistic manner. It also prevents the disease from relapsing in the future, which is important, and its major positive point is that it cures the different conditions from the same medicine.

Reasonable cost- Homeopathy, after all its importance, is a cost-effective treatment as compared to the other parts of medical science.

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What is similar in Ayurveda and Homeopathy

Both ayurveda and homeopathy are alternate treatments. Both of the treatments just do not focus on one cure; rather, it focuses on the overall health of a person mentally and physically. Ayurveda and homeopathy both are the methods by which one can cure any disease or ailment naturally without the use of drugs. These methods' results are late visible, but they do not show any side effects.

Homeopathy and ayurveda are different from allopathy and are highly criticized for their credibility. In spite of that, both of them are worldwide accepted for various sorts of diseases like Arthritis, Blood Pressure, cold and Cough, Diabetes, Digestion, Hair Care, Immunity Booster, Kidney, Knee Pain, Liver, PCOD, Piles, Sexual Wellness, Skin Care, Urinary Tract infection, Weight Management.

Strengths of Homeopathic Treatment

  • Homeopathic medicines are safe and are made in a hygienic and safe environment
  • These medicines are easily available near you
  • Homeopathy medicines are flavourful and tasty
  • It cures the disease completely
  • It's best for a healthy and better lifestyle, etc.

Strengths of Ayurvedic Treatment

  • It purifies the body internally
  • The herbal remedies, meditation, and yoga helps keep your body overall healthy
  • Helps in reducing inflammation
  • Reduces the cholesterol, blood pressure level, and symptoms of diseases, etc.


Both Ayurvedic and homeopathy medicines are equally good as they both are natural and have been made with herbs and plants. They cure the disease of the root and help you in maintaining your overall health. So it cannot be said that which one is better both have their own advantages and both are equally effective in curing all sorts of disorders.

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