Is Ayurvedic Medicine Effective For Kidney Treatment?

  • Apr 06, 2022
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Hello, My name is Jamal and I’m from New Jersey. Me and my mother had kidney disease and we were unaware about it. We don’t even know about it as my mother's doctor was not even responding to her calls. He never ever told us that she had a chronic kidney disease and from genetic factors, I also got a kidney disease. In those crucial times of the pandemic, we both were suffered from kidney ailments but Dr. Puneet Dhawan came to rescue us with chronic kidney disease ayurvedic medicine and we got absolutely fine in just a few months of kidney disease ayurvedic treatment.


Kidney Symptoms

My mother had kidney disease before I did, but we both were unaware about it. She has experienced some symptoms like nausea, vomiting, weight loss, itching skin, and acne, etc. She had started taking allopathic treatment for her ailment. Initially, her treatment for these mentioned symptoms was started but after one month, she realized that the allopathic treatment was not improving his health. Then, she tried to contact her doctor, but her doctor was not even responding to her calls because he has not any solution or home remedy for kidney ailment.


After that, she went to another hospital, and there she was told to get some tests done as soon as possible. After getting all the tests done, her reports came and there was chronic kidney disease mentioned in her reports. It meant that she was suffering from a kidney ailment and her doctor was not even bothered to tell her. After knowing about this, I did my research about kidney disease ayurvedic treatment. I found a Ayukarma hospital over the internet and the amazing thing about this is they will treat you through ayurvedic treatment and without dialysis.


Ayukarma Hospital

On the same day, I had contacted Ayukarma hospital regarding my and my mother’s ayurvedic kidney ailment treatment. They responded quickly and fixed my appointment with Dr. Surya ( an ayurvedic nephrologist). He was such an incredible doctor and a humane person. He treated me and my mother’s best ayurvedic medicine for kidney treatment and certain dietary changes. My mother took ayurvedic kidney treatment for about 2 months and her eGFR has raised by more than 10 to 12 points. And I'm still taking natural herbs from there and it ayurvedic medicine for creatinine reduced my high and has raised my eGFR by about more than 20 points and I feel so good. Now, me and my mother have benefited so much from the ayurvedic treatment for kidney infection and I’m still continuing it.

Highly satisfied with treatment

I just want to say that as me and my mother are benefited from the Ayukarma Ayurveda’s treatment. This hospital is a legit hospital and it is not a scam at all. Many people were treated through their natural & herbal treatment and had got so many benefits. It is totally side-effect free healing method and has not contained a single artificial flavor in their ayurvedic medicines. I highly recommend their any type of ayurvedic kidney infections treatment to all the people who are struggling with kidney failure infections. And it’s better to be aware of your kidney complications because the main problem with this disease is that it is a silent disease. Many of us don't have a single idea that we maybe are suffering from a kidney disorder. And at last, I want to thank you Dr. Puneet Dhawan, and the whole team of Ayukarma Ayurveda. They cured me and my mother’s kidney ailment completely and make us fit and fine again. Now, we both are living our lives happily without any complications, just we have to take care of our diet a little bit. We are highly satisfied with the treatment and we will always remain thankful to the whole team of

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