Kidney Failure Treatment in Ayurveda

  • Apr 04, 2022
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Hello, my name is Lochan, and I am from Bihar. When my kidney was damaged, my body faced many problems, and I had many other issues, including pain in urinating, burning, and blood in the urine. Initially, I did not understand anything because I was not having any problems. Still, when I came to know that there was a problem in my kidney, the situation increased so much that I had to undergo dialysis for its treatment.
After which, there was no improvement in my health, but yes, there was a lot of change. One, I had become very irritated; I started getting very angry due to which people were afraid to talk to me. In a way, I became lonely because I didn't speak to anyone, and I used to get tired very quickly.

Kidney Treatment in Ayurveda

When I used to talk, I used to get angry about why I had to answer everyone's words. I had such a condition, for which I had told the doctor that if you could cure me, then tell me or else I should not get dialysis done now. But thanks to Dr. Puneet of Karma, Ayurveda gave me a new life. Today I am completely healthy; for this, I thank store.ayukarma. ayurvedic treatment for kidney failure is due to my eating more outside food.
Due to this, my blood pressure started staying high. I had no idea that my kidney could be damaged due to this. But when the problem happened, and I went to the doctor, he told me that my kidney failure was due to my high blood pressure. I was responsible because I used to eat outside food too.
Well, what was it now? When the kidney had been damaged. I had to face many problems with my body. There was a time when I sat down thinking of dying, but then I came to know about Ayukarma ayurvedic kidney treatment, after which I took kidney treatment from here. When I came to know about this, I was very much thinking about whether I should go to the hospital or not? But then a friend of mine told me that you would be fine here because Ayurvedic treatment is done here.

Blood Pressure Major Reason for Kidney Failure

I obeyed him, I visit in and book an appointment with Dr. Punnet Dhawan. When I met Dr. Puneet, he saw my reports and promised me that he would cure me, and I am fine today. Dr. Puneet kept his promise and made me completely healthy. I took lekhniya guggul ayurvedic tablets for kidney treatment on time that cured my blood pressure that was a major reason for my kidney failure. I followed everything told by him for kidney treatment and refrained from eating. After which I started recovering, now my behavior has become much better than before, after which everything started getting better.
I thank Dr. Puneet kidney specialist for giving me a new life.

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