Kidney Transplant Treatment in Ayurveda

  • Aug 12, 2022
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Hi, my name is Prabhjot Singh, and I am kidney patient from Punjab. I am 29 years old. From the beginning, only I have been living in Punjab. It’s my birthplace. I am familiar with every lane and street of Punjab. And I was a very rash driver. As I knew everything about Punjab, I used to drive very rashly. Because I knew in which street I will found traffic and in which street I will found the road empty where I could drive roughly.

Kidney Got Badly Injured And Damaged

So one day, I was driving the same way, and I was roaming around, and suddenly I saw a truck approaching me at so much speed. At that time, I thought of changing the direction the truck hit me so hard that my car got turned several times. I got injured very badly. Immediately people who were there took me to the hospital and informed my family about my accident. The doctor did some of my tests, and everything was fine except my kidneys. My kidney got badly injured and damaged, and I got acute kidney injury (ACI). My kidneys were not working properly. My kidneys were not in the condition that they could be repaired by the medicines. The doctor told me that they had to do a kidney transplant. Otherwise, my life is gonna be in a hell of lot of problems. I was not ready to get the kidney transplant done at such a young age. I got so confused I didn’t know what to do next.  My parents suggested that I should get the transplant done because it was the only option we were left with. I agreed to the kidney transplant.


Treatment Done Without Kidney Transplant

The kidney transplant was planned to happen next week after my accident. Until then, I was suggested to rest properly and not move much and stay in the house. I listened to the doctor’s advice as I myself was not in a condition to walk properly. Then I went home and took proper rest. 2 days passed, and my condition was worsening. I was not feeling well at all. And also, I was having second thoughts about the kidney transplant. Should I get it done or not. I then started searching for other options other than a kidney transplant. I was surfing the internet, and suddenly I got my eyes on the ayurvedic kidney treatment by Dr. Puneet of Ayukarma. I further read about him and learned that in Ayukarma, the treatment is done without the kidney Transplant and Dialysis. Treatment is done with 100% ayurvedic medicines made with natural herbs and ingredients and has no side effects. I was so happy and relieved when I saw this.

I took no time and booked an appointment immediately. I got an appointment after 2 days.

The very next day, I reached Delhi. And my appointment was the next day. Then, I went to meet Dr. Puneet of Ayukarma with my father.


Ayukarma’s Ayurvedic Kidney Treatment

We told the doctor about the accident and my kidney condition also, I showed him all my reports. He told me that I didn’t have to worry. I will be fine, but it will take some time as my kidneys are badly damaged. He gave me some medicines and told me to take them for a year and also told me to change my lifestyle and perform some yoga asanas and exercises regularly. I followed all his instructions and started taking those ayurvedic medicines for kidney transplant regularly, performing yoga asanas for my overall kidney health. You won’t believe that the herbal medicines showed their results in a period of six to seven months. My health started getting much better. I continued taking those medicines, and today I am completely and absolutely fine, and it has happened just because of Dr. Puneet and Ayukarma. I can’t thank them enough for what they have done for me. I really happy and feel so thankful to them. I suggest other kidney patients also visit Dr. Puneet and Ayukarma once for their kidney problems. And they feel the same way I have felt about Ayukarma.

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