Is Ayukarma Green Tea a Fat Burner? Does it Help With Weight Loss?

  • Sep 29, 2022
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Ayukarma’s Karma Rasayan Green Tea is an ayurvedic medicine for weight loss, enriched with natural herbs.  It helps achieve weight management goals by burning the excess fat that has been stored in the body, especially belly fat. This is a natural fat burner that efficiently converts excess fat into energy without much effort and keeps your metabolism high throughout the day. 

Weight management is important because it helps reduce the risk of many problems such as cholesterol and blood pressure. It also gives you confidence and keeps you physically and mentally active. 

The ingredients used in Karma Rasayan tea help with various infections and can fight diseases. These are-

Green Tea - Green tea extract is basically a concentrated form of popular tea made from dried green tea leaves. It is best used for losing weight, boosting energy, for better skin and health, etc.


Garcinia - Garcinia extract, is a natural dietary supplement that helps burn body fat. It is rich in hydroxycitric acid, the active ingredient that inhibits fat-forming enzymes. Garcinia also increases serotonin levels in the brain, which in turn helps suppress appetite. It also boosts energy levels and supports overall health.


Grape Seed - Grape seed extract is an ayurvedic weight loss supplement made by removing, drying, and crushing bitter-tasting grape seeds. It protects your liver, improves collagen levels, reduces oxidative damage, and reduces blood pressure.


Coffee Beans - Coffee bean extract contains a compound known as chlorogenic acid. It has antioxidant effects that lowers blood pressure and aid weight loss.


Dalchini - It is an effective remedy for weight loss. It lowers high cholesterol and reduces the risk of heart disease due to its antioxidant properties.


Kali Mirch - Kali Mirch extract is said to be a great natural slimming remedy as it aids in digestion and promotes weight loss by increasing the body's metabolism. It is also useful in the treatment of diarrhea due to its antidiarrheal properties. 

Kali Mirch

Sonth - Compounds called zingeron and shogaols in sonth extract can help with weight loss. These compounds can help in the body's complex processes that burn and store fat.


Tulsi - Tulsi Extract is an Ayurvedic home remedy for weight loss that can help in treating health problems like colds, asthma, hay fever, and weight loss.


Lemon - Lemon extract is known to help with weight loss because it contains vitamin C and antioxidants that improve digestion. It has diuretic properties that help detoxify the body and help in fat burning.



Karma Rasayan Green Herbal Tea is the best ayurvedic weight loss green tea enriched with powerful herbal ingredients that give you better benefits. Each ingredient in these natural tablets helps maintain and achieve your body's goals.

Herbal Green Tea Tablets For Weight Loss

Other weight loss ayurvedic supplements that you can try are Garoslim Ayurvedic Capsules, Garcom Ayurvedic Capsules, Med Lekhan Yog Capsules, and Medrasayan Vati Tablets. It balances metabolism, reduces fat levels in your body, and reduces oxidative stress. Visit Ayukarma store for best ayurvedic medicine online in India

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