Which is the best Ayurvedic medicine for digestion?

  • Apr 27, 2022
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Hello, my name is Khushi Bansal, and I live in Bhubaneswar. From the very beginning, I don't have digestion problem. I was always fond of spice food and also alcoholic beverages. My parents always used to scold me for eating such spicy fast foods and also alcohol, but I never listened to them. I always ignored whatever they said, but later I realized that I should have listened to them when they were trying to make me understand the importance of healthy food and the negative effects of spicy foods.
Every now and then, I used to eat outside food. And I was not at all eating healthy home food. After some time, my body started showing some changes, but at that time, I didn’t notice any of them. There was discomfort in my upper abdomen; I was feeling nausea and vomiting. At that time, I felt that it normal may it's normal.
I took medicines, and I was fine, but after some time again, I was having same problems like pain in the abdomen, comfortableness, and many such issues. I then went to the doctor and told him all the problems that I was having. He gave me some medicines and told me to take them for seven days. I took the medicines as prescribed by him, but that didn’t make any difference in my health.
digestion doctor check up
Then I again went to the doctor and told him that my health was not getting better. Then he told me that I should get some tests done. Then I got all the tests done as prescribed by the doctor. When the reports came, I got to know that I had an indigestion problem, and I had tried every medicine, but nothing worked on me.
Then one day, I was surfing the internet, and I got to know about the ayukarma store, and there I filled out a form telling about all my details. Then after some time, they themself called me and booked my appointment. After my appointment got booked, I reached Delhi with my father, and we both went to see the doctor. When I met the doctor, I told him all my digestive problems and my medical history. He then suggested a few medicines for my digestion problem, and those medicines were Agniharitaki Granule Ayurvedic Churan For Digestion and Anulomak Granules Ayurvedic Churan For Digestion, Acidity & Gas.
The doctor advised me to take these ayurvedic medicine for digestion and constipation. He also told me to abstain from spicy and junk foods and also suggested that I should eat healthy food. Other than this doctor told me some exercises and yoga asanas that would help me in treating my home remedy for digestion.
The doctor not just gave me ayurvedic medicine for digestion problems but also gave me a proper diet plan for digestion problems. He told me to include whole grains, chia seeds, apples, yogurt, papaya, and dark green vegetables in my diet. And told me to avoid spicy foods and unhealthy food. The doctor gave me a proper diet plan for my breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
I followed all the instructions given by him. I also made some changes in my lifestyle, and I started doing some yoga asanas regularly, as told by the doctor. All these things treated my problem, and today I am perfectly fine and healthy, and all this happened just because of ayukarma. Because of them, only today I am living a healthy life. So thank you so much.

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