Top 10 Ways To Manage Your Blood Pressure With Ayurveda

  • Aug 12, 2022
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You must have heard about having high or low blood pressure from your grandparents and parents. Blood pressure is a common condition, But do you know it can become severe if left ignored. Blood pressure is supposed to be a silent killer as it evolves internally, and most of the time, people are unaware of their condition.


Globally, it has been reported that 26% of the world’s population are blood pressure victims. Such a huge number, isn’t it? Many reasons cause blood pressure. This is why it becomes a requirement to change the lifestyle and diet and many other things to consider.

Blood pressure is the pressure of flowing blood against the walls of blood vessels. Blood pressure is measured in systolic (measured when the heart beats when blood pressure is at its highest) and diastolic (measured between heartbeats, when blood pressure is at its lowest). Here are the surefire ten ways that help you to manage your blood pressure with Ayurveda.

Five best ways to manage the high blood pressure (Hypertension)

High blood pressure is also known as hypertension, and in this condition, the blood pressure varies from normal. In simpler terms, the force of the blood against the wall arteries is high than normal. The increased blood pressure is when the readings are 120/80 mm Hg.


Limit the Salt Intake

Just like excess of everything is bad, similar is with the sodium intake. If there is less salt intake in your daily diet, this will help control the blood pressure. Generally, these processed foods contain high amounts of sodium, increasing the chances of high blood pressure.


ADASH Approach

ADASH is termed as Ayurvedic Dietary Approaches to stop hypertension. Following the ADASH diet means having a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables and 4-to 5 portions of seeds, nuts, & legumes in the diet. Enrich an abundance of protein in your diet and avoid sugar and fat. Also, include many whole grains in the diet like rice, brown bread, pasta, etc.


Exercise Regularly

One of the greatest ways to handle hypertension is by maintaining body weight, and the best method to do that is by remaining active. Exercise will help in raising blood circulation, lung ability, and heart efficiency.


Quit Smoking and Alcohol

Consuming alcohol and smoking in excess will increase hypertension, which will lead to some serious health concerns.


Cut Caffeine and Adopt Cocoa

Beverages like tea & coffee contain caffeine which boosts the blood pressure level in the body. However, there is no evidence of the disadvantages of coffee. But limiting the caffeine will help in controlling hypertension. Adopt Cocoa or dark chocolates rich in plant-based flavonoids and help maintain hypertension.

Five best ways to manage the Low blood pressure (Hypotension)

Hypotension or low blood pressure symptoms is when the blood pressure is noted under 90/60mm/Hg. Most of the time, people don’t feel symptoms of hypotension. Usually, the person feels no symptoms, but they would feel dizziness and feeling of fainting, and more.


Intake of Caffeine

Intake of caffeine will temporarily boost immunity and increase blood pressure levels. Therefore it is advised to take tea or coffee at limited levels to overcome the problem of low blood pressure.


Drink More Water & Stay Hydrated

It is advised that drinking 2-3 water liters of glasses every day will provide you with the necessary electrolytes required to maintain the fluids in the body. You can either take coconut water or aam panna(tangy green mango drink), bael ka sharbat, etc., which are the best source of electrolytes that assist in keeping you hydrated for long and retain your blood pressure level.


Eat Small Portions Frequently

Eating the small parts often in between the main meals will assist avoid long gaps, and also it prevents a sudden drop in blood pressure that one may experience after meals. It would be better to distribute that three full meals into five small meals a day. It maintains not only the blood pressure but also diabetes.


Go for Comfy Over, Skin-fit Clothing

Wear comfy and skin-friendly clothes instead of skin fit as it increases compression and thus escalates the hypotension. To avoid the compression in the body, then go for comfortable clothing.


Intake of Sodium is a Must

It is advised to take salt in case of hypotension as it escalates blood pressure. But do remember excess can lead to your hypertension. Always prefer to add table salt to the whole, unprocessed foods. This helps to manage how much salt you’re eating. Limit refined and processed salty foods.


Role of Ayurveda in Treating Blood Pressure

Ayukarma, Ayurveda is an ancient Hindu holistic medical system that originated 4000 years ago in India. It is an alternative to the modern medicinal system and contains plant-based compounds. It is believed that health and wellness depend upon the appropriate balance between the mind, body, and soul.

According to Ayurveda, Ayurvedic Herbs to control high blood pressure (hypertension) arises due to Vata imbalance known as Rakta Gata Vata. This is due to stress, poor diet, and lifestyle. At the same time, low blood pressure (hypotension) arises due to a decrease in Kapha and an increase in vata. The only solution to manage your high and low blood pressure is trying out Ayukarma’s Ayurvedic Rakht Prasadan Vati Tablets for Blood pressure levels, Chandrahas Ayurvedic Natural Tablets for Blood pressure & UTI, and Tridosh Vati Ayurvedic Tablets for Blood Pressure and Improves metabolism.

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