How To Avoid Cold And Cough In Monsoon Season With Ayurveda

  • Aug 12, 2022
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Monsoon season is in and the only pleasant season that everybody likes. It is the best season as it relieves the scorching summer season. Being the best season, it is a carrier of many diseases like Cold & Cough.


According to the research, most diseases, whether a normal allergy, flu, cough or cold, occur only in this rainy season. This is because the change of weather lowers the immune system and leads to sickness. Therefore, to avoid such a condition, we are here to guide you about some ayurveda home remedies for cold and cough that help treat and prevent during monsoon season.

Ayurveda Remedies best in Monsoon to cure cough and cold


Giloy : Giloy is the best medicinal plant called a Heart-leaved moon seed. It appears like betel leaves. It helps to boost the immune system in your body and treats the cough, cold, flu, or any kind of allergy caused due to pollen grains, pollution, and smoke. Moreover, it also assists in treating the cold and tonsillitis. If you are feeling symptoms of cold and cough, then nothing is better than Ayukarma Giloy capsules and Ayukarama Immunity Booster kit (Ashwagandha and Giloy).


Ashwagandha : Ashwagandha is also a brilliant herb for treating viral infections, cough and cold. It contains antioxidant properties that help cure severe pain, cold, cough and clears the phlegm accumulated in the nasal and windpipe. You can try Ayukarma Ashwagandha capsules for better results.


Licorice : It is the most effective medicinal herb that helps cure chronic bronchial conditions. Consuming a pinch of licorice in warm water can completely clear all the mucus and provide relief from sore throat.


Tulsi : The vernacular name of tulsi herbal basil is the queen of all herbs. It contains special medicinal properties that help detoxify and purify the blood, boost immunity, and assist in clearing the mucus and relieving the sore throat.


Long Pepper/Pippali : Not only does it enhances the flavor in the food but also a very potent spice in ayurveda that treats bronchitis and asthma. It assists in restoring the lungs by removing the mucus from the respiratory tract. Drink pepper tea early in the morning for better results.


Clove/Lavanga : Consuming clove tea daily in the early morning will not let you catch a cold and cough. Moreover, it reduces congestion and lets you take a fresh deep breath.


Cinnamon : Drinking cinnamon tea with honey will help you get rid of flu, cough, and cold completely and quickly. It not only relieves you from congestion but also will increases your immunity.


Ginger : Ginger is the best medicinal sage with potent properties such as antioxidant and antiviral properties that allow you to live congestion-free and relieve chronic cough and cold.


Turmeric : Turmeric is again a medicinal spice that adds flavor to your food and is a go-to herb to stay immune protected in the monsoon season. Its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties help you stay away from the cold and cough.


Some tips to stay protected from cold and cough in monsoon

Stay Hydrated : Drink 8-10 glasses of water in a day that helps you to stay fresh and hydrated all day long. Try to drink warm water.

Maintain your Hygiene : Monsoon is the season that invites a lot of air and water-borne disease. Therefore it becomes vital to stay hygienic. Washing your hands frequently and Wearing the mask becomes a must.

Dry & Warm : Keep yourself dry and warm as you are more susceptible to cold and cough.

Distance Maintain : Maintain a 1 m distance from contagious people

Healthy Food : It is advised to eat a balanced diet.

Exercise : Regular Exercise or Yoga is a must.


Ayurveda about Cold and Cough in Monsoon

According to the ayurveda, cold and cough occurs in the monsoon because of aggravation of pitta and vata. This is the main cause of various diseases. But the food and lifestyle in the monsoon should be right to keep your vata and pitta balanced. With ayurveda, you can heal many problems, but you must follow certain diet and lifestyle protocols to stay protected from cold and cough in monsoon. If you are feeling such symptoms, you can try Ayukarma Ashwagandha capsules, Ayukarma Giloy capsules, Ayukarma Immunity booster kit, and Karma Rasayan Herbal tea.

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