How To Cure Cold And Cough Naturally Through Ayurveda?

  • Feb 16, 2022
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The first signs of cold and cough include- a runny nose, sneezing, and a sore throat. A common cold is ordinary and most people can easily recognize these early symptoms. Cold and cough is actually a viral infection that is caused in your upper respiratory tract. Cold can be caused by more than 200 viruses, rhinoviruses being the most common ones. 
Ayurvedic treatment for cold and cough
These viruses can easily spread from one person to another or from surface to surface. Most viruses can live on surfaces for hours, and sometimes even days. 
Ayurvedic treatment for cold and cough can help you get over the symptoms easily. Ayurvedic herbs for cold and cough are extremely beneficial as they cure the condition naturally.
Nasal symptoms of cold

How do I identify cold and cough?

The symptoms of a cold generally take 1-3 days to occur, after you get exposed to a cold-causing virus. 
Nasal symptoms of cold are-
  • Congestion
  • Runny nose
  • Loss of smell and taste
  • Sinus pressure
  • Sneezing
  • Drainage in the back of your throat
Head symptoms of cold are-
  • Watery eyes
  • Constant headache 
  • Sore throat
  • Cough
Overall body symptoms are-
  • Fatigue or tiredness in general
  • Chills
  • Body aches
  • Chest discomfort
  • Breathing difficulties
Symptoms of cold and cough can last for up to 7-10 days. These symptoms usually peak around day 5 and improve gradually. 

Is flu different from cold and cough?

Cough and cold and flue may appear to be very similar at first. They are both respiratory conditions and have similar symptoms. However, both these illnesses are caused by different viruses. 
Symptoms of flu are more severe than cough and cold symptoms. Cough and cold can rarely lead to additional health problems. A flu can cause complications such as sinus and ear infections, pneumonia, or sepsis. 
What are the different types of cough

What are the different types of cough?

To get yourself treated, you must first be able to identify what type of cough you are experiencing. Cough can be of these types-
  •  Chest Cough: It is a type of cough  that comes from the chest and is often triggered by excessive mucus. Ayurvedic cough syrup is the best remedy for cough.
  • Dry or tickling cough: This type of cough usually occurs when the throat does not produce enough mucus. This results in irritation of the throat. Ayurveda provides home remedy for sore throat and dry cough that can help you with instant relief from cough.
  • Bronchitis: It is a type of cough that produces a yellow-gray phlegm and is accompanied by cold-like symptoms including running nose, headache, and fatigue. Ayurveda provides home remedies for running nose and sneezing that are natural remedies for cough.
  • Post-viral cough: A post-viral cough is a common symptom that follows an upper respiratory tract infection caused due to throat inflammation.
Cold and cough treatment in Ayurveda yields the best results
You don’t need to rely on allopathy when cold and cough medicine in Ayurveda helps you overcome the condition through its trusted products certified by over 1 million customers worldwide.
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