High Blood Pressure Became The Reason For Kidney Failure

  • Apr 05, 2022
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My salutations to all of you, I am Vipin Singh, and I am a resident of Azamgarh in Uttar Pradesh. I have been battling high blood pressure symptoms for the last several years, due to which my kidney failure about two years ago. When my kidney failure, I started having many physical problems during that time, due to which I was very upset, and my family members were also very upset.


I had also done dialysis for several months and best herbs for kidney infection, following the doctor's advice to cure my kidney, but I did not benefit from it; on the contrary, the condition worsened. Doctor told me to get a kidney transplant done. But I had come to know that these operations have very little chance of success. Because of this, I refused it immediately and settled on the fact that dialysis is my life. But maybe God had something else approved, and I got kidney infection treatment without antibiotics from Dr. Puneet.

High Blood Pressure Infections

My kidney was damaged due to high blood pressure infections for many years. The problem of high blood pressure was caused by eating outside with strong spices. When I had the problem of having high bp, I did not pay any attention to home remedies for high bp, I kept doing something or the other, due to which my blood pressure became higher than before.


I did not do single abstinence with the medicines, due to which my blood pressure was not under control even after taking medications and was continuously increasing. Due to the constant increase in blood pressure, I had to be admitted to the hospital many times. Now age was also growing, due to which both my blood pressure and its medicines were increasing.

The doctors always kept advising me to abstain, but it was very difficult for me to do this work, and due to this mistake, my kidney kept getting worse, about which I had no idea until the doctor confirmed it. Didn't A few weeks before my kidney failure was confirmed, my health suddenly started getting worse.


Lot of swelling in my feet

Lot of swelling in my feet, apart from this, there was a lot of swelling in my hands and face. Due to the swelling in my legs, I started having trouble walking. I had a blood sugar problem earlier, but there was no problem with bp; now, my blood pressure is very high due to kidney failure.

I got all the tests done on the doctor's advice and showed the reports to the doctor. After seeing my reports, the doctor told me that my kidney failure due to high blood pressure and taking more medicines. That is why I am getting all these problems, and now I have to undergo dialysis to repair my kidney.

I followed the doctor's advice and got all the tests done on the same day; I showed them to the doctor. After seeing my reports, the doctor told me that my kidney has become very bad due to high bp and taking more medicines, that is why I am getting all these problems. The doctor further told me that I had to start dialysis as soon as possible if I wanted to recover.


My Health Started Deteriorating Due to Dialysis

I started dialysis the very next day, following the doctor's advice. I was on dialysis three times a week which continued for several months. But I did not benefit from dialysis; on the contrary, my health started deteriorating; then, one day, the doctor told me that a kidney transplant could now cure me. This is the last way.

I immediately refused the doctor for a kidney transplant, after which the doctor told me that if I wanted to survive, then this was the only way, for which I refused. One day a relative of mine came to visit me, and he advised me to take kidney disease ayurvedic treatment.

I went to store.ayukarma.com from where I consulted Dr. Puneet and after analyzing my health condition he suggested some ayurvedic medicine for kidney failure that I ordered online from store.ayukarma and today I am completely fine. For this, I thank Dr. Puneet for giving me a new life.

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