What Are The Best Home Remedies For Blood Pressure?

  • Apr 19, 2022
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What do you mean by blood pressure?

Blood pressure is the measure of your blood flow pushing against the walls of your arteries. It is basically a force that pushes the blood through the circulatory system. Each time your heart beats, it pumps the blood into your arteries. Normal blood pressure is very important for the proper flow of blood to the other bodily organs and tissues. Each heartbeat forces blood into the rest of our body. It is an important force because without blood pressure oxygen and nutrients would not be moved around the circulatory system to nourish other tissues and organs.
Doctor checking woman blood pressure
Our heart is the major organ of the cardiovascular system. Its primary function is to move blood throughout our body so that our other bodily organs are able to work. Its other function is to manage heart rate with the help of other body organs and control your blood pressure. Our blood pressure should remain in a healthy range because high or low blood pressure can lead to thousands of health problems.
The normal range of blood pressure level is less than 120/80mm/Hg. But, we measure blood pressure in two numbers-
i) Systolic Pressure - It is the blood pressure when our heart pushes our blood so that it can move throughout our body. Our normal systolic blood pressure no. is below 120 and elevated 120-129.
ii) Diastolic Pressure - It is the pressure when our heart rests between beats. This happens when our heart fills with blood and gets oxygen. Our normal diastolic blood pressure no. is below 80 and stage 1 hypertension no. is 80-89.

What does high blood pressure mean?

High blood pressure occurs when the force of your blood against the artery walls is too high. It is also known as “hypertension”. This condition is more common than low blood pressure. It can lead you to serious health problems further such as stroke and heart diseases. Generally, hypertension is defined as a blood pressure level above 140/90 but this health problem becomes severe when blood pressure level reaches above 180/120.
Some people experience severe headaches, nose bleeds, or shortness of breath when their blood pressure has reached a dangerously high level over a period of time. The cause of high blood pressure is unknown but a healthy lifestyle is mandatory to control your high blood pressure.

What does low blood pressure mean?

Low blood pressure occurs when the force of your blood against the artery walls is too low. It is also known as “hypotension”. This condition is less common than high blood pressure. This condition simply means that your brain and other parts of your body do not get enough blood. The blood pressure below 90/60 mmHg is defined as low blood pressure. Sometimes, Hypotension can be life-threatening.
Some people experience dizziness, fainting, and headache when their blood pressure is low or their brain is not receiving an adequate amount of blood. The causes of low blood pressure can be heart problems, pregnancy, family history, blood loss, and lack of nutrients in your diet.

Home remedies for blood pressure

Nowadays, our healthy habits and sedentary lifestyle make it very difficult to maintain normal blood pressure. As we earlier discussed, if your blood pressure is high or low, both of these conditions lead to life-threatening health problems. It is critically important to keep your blood pressure in a normal range. Natural home remedies are a better option rather than taking regular medicines to manage your blood pressure levels. Here, we are telling you some of the best home remedies that may bring your blood pressure under control.

Increase physical activity

Aerobic exercises and physical activity plays an important role in maintaining your blood pressure level. A 2013 study said that, if you are regularly increasing your heart and breathing rates, it will make your heart stronger over some time and your heart able to pump blood with less effort. It means, it will put less pressure on your arteries, and hence, it helps in lowering your blood pressure level. You can do this simply by using the stairs, walking, going for a cycle ride, gardening, etc.
restrict sugar intake

Restrict sugar intake

As per information, Fructose, an element mostly found in sugar may increase your blood pressure more than salt. So, it is more harmful than salt and is more responsible for increasing your blood pressure levels. To improve your BP levels, you should restrict sugar intake from your diet. This remedy will stay you away from many health problems.

Reduce sodium intake

You have to reduce your sodium intake to a minimum level to lower the risk of high blood pressure. It is widely known that when you start taking too much sodium in your diet, your body starts to retain fluid. This results in a sudden rise in blood pressure. The AHA (American healthcare body) recommends that you start limiting your sodium intake to between 1,500 mg to 2,300 mg per day. For your kind information, 1 teaspoon of salt has 2,300 mg of sodium. Instead of adding salt to your food, try adding herbs and a variety of spices to your food to get flavourful food.

Stop smoking

it’s a proven fact that smoking causes an immediate increase in your blood pressure levels and is also responsible for a sudden increase in your heart rate. It can damage your blood vessel cells, inflammation, narrow down your arteries and cause high blood pressure. Quitting smoking not only controls your blood pressure levels but is good for your overall health too.
try yoga meditation

Try Yoga or Meditation

Yoga commonly includes breathing exercises, postures, and meditation techniques that are very effective in controlling blood pressure and in reducing stress. Many studies stated that excess stress can also be a reason for high blood pressure. You may try Yoga and meditation techniques to bring down your high BP levels.

Add dark chocolate to your diet

As per studies, dark chocolate has been shown to lower blood pressure and inflammation. It is because cocoa present in dark chocolate is loaded with flavonoids that may help dilate or widen your blood vessels. Many studies recommended that eating one or two squares of dark chocolate may help lower the risk of heart disease by reducing blood pressure and inflammation.

Have garlic in your diet

Garlic or garlic extracts are widely used to lower down the blood pressure in individuals. A meta-analysis found that garlic extracts lower down both the systolic and diastolic blood pressure in people with high blood pressure. Research has also shown that garlic extracts are more effective than regular garlic tablets in reducing blood pressure levels.

Get restful sleep

It’s a proven fact that your blood pressure lowers down automatically when you are sleeping. If you are not getting enough sleep, it can affect your blood pressure. Getting enough and restful sleep is very crucial for your overall health. Of course, it will affect your blood pressure but it will also lead to further health issues. According to National Sleep Heart Health Study 2010, found that sleeping for less than 7 hours or more than 9 hours a night daily was deeply associated with an increased rate of high blood pressure. To get restful sleep you should try some basic recommendations from us such as make a regular sleep schedule, spend some time relaxing before bedtime, increase physical activity in the daytime and avoid taking daytime naps, etc. These are some simple tips to get a peaceful and enough sleep.

Significant role in high blood pressure

Ayurveda has a significant role in treating high blood pressure problems. Ayurvedic therapies are safe and easy to bring into your life. Your Ayurvedic treatment plan to adjust your blood pressure levels includes meditation, lifestyle changes, and a combination of therapies. If you are busy enough to follow these essential steps, then we have another option, especially for you. You can try Ayurvedic rakt prasadan vati tablets for high blood pressure levels, Chandrahas ayurvedic natural tablets for blood pressure & UTI, and Tridosh Vati ayurvedic tablets for blood pressure & improves metabolism are very effective in regulating high blood pressure levels. These Ayurvedic medicines are made up of 100% natural ingredients and are safe to use to control your blood pressure levels without having any side effects.
High blood pressure can lead to serious health problems in your life. So, don’t leave it untreated, whenever you would be diagnosed with high blood pressure, consult immediately with your doctor. Taking the above home remedies for blood pressure may help you control your blood pressure. Don’t just read this blog, try to follow it properly.

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