What are the signs of high blood pressure that should not be ignored?

  • Aug 24, 2022
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High blood pressure can lead to serious health complications like stroke or heart attack. People often don’t realize that they have this issue before they check their blood pressure regularly. Due to its asymptomatic nature, high blood pressure is usually classified as a silent killer.

High blood pressure makes our arteries and veins less relaxed and increases the pressure applied to the heart. If not treated properly on time, the high intensity of blood pressure can damage the arteries, resulting in plaque formation. Plaque can cause our arteries to block, resulting in a lack of oxygenated blood.


Getting regularly tested is the only way to know if you have blood pressure or not. A basic awareness of the upper or lower limit is important to control your blood pressure. When the upper limit is less than 120, and the lower number is less than 80, it is considered normal blood pressure.

Due to how sudden this disease is, people must be aware of the signs that should not be ignored at any cost. Here are some of the signs that should be kept in mind and notified to the healthcare provider as soon as possible:

Slow Growth

Between the age of 30 to 70 years old, if your blood pressure reading goes up 8 to 10 points each decade, this is considered an alarming stage as you might be experiencing hypertension without any awareness about the same.

Occasional Blood pressure


In case you feel hypertension or an increase in your blood pressure, you must get yourself checked as this might be an early sign of stiffed arteries and an overworked heart which could lead to high blood pressure later in life.

Severe headaches


Unlike a regular headache that might occur due to seasonal sickness, the headache caused due to hypertension is more serious and dangerous. Without any history of migraine, in case you are experiencing high blood pressure, it should be considered an alarming state of mind. Malignant Hypertension, which means extremely high blood pressure is exerted on the enclosing part of the skull. Pain builds in the cranium as the blood pressure rises.

Blurred Vision


During a routine eye check-up, there are chances of discovering that you might have high blood pressure. Due to high blood pressure, some parts of our brain often swell, which causes blurred vision as that part of the brain is connected to our eyes.

Lack of clarity in thoughts

People often face difficulty processing information due to hypertension as blood is circulated rapidly to the heart.



Due to the increased pressure on the heart's walls, the chamber walls go thicker than usual. As a result, there is less space for blood to travel. This causes clustering of blood in the lungs resulting in breathlessness.

You feel fatigued

You Feel Fatigued

Due to less blood supply to the entire body, we often feel tired and exhausted regularly. It happens as the heart chambers thicken.

Pounding in your ears or chest


Suppose you feel pulsing or pounding in your chest or ears without doing anything such as high-intensity training or extreme workout. It is a sign that you might be facing elevated blood pressure levels.


If your heart pumps out less blood despite an increase in blood pressure, it results in less blood flow to the vital organs such as the Kidney, liver, and brain. Due to a lack of oxygenated blood, a signal is sent by all the parts to the blood in demand for more blood. As a result, this puts more pressure on our hearts. This lack of blood can make you feel nauseous.

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These are some of the signs and symptoms you should keep in mind to prevent health complications. You must check yourself regularly and monitor your heart rate over time to avoid serious consequences. Make sure you share this information with your friends and family. Stay connected with all the health-related content.

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