What Is The Fastest Way To Reduce Blood Pressure In Ayurveda?

  • Aug 12, 2022
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The blood pressure of circulating blood against the walls of blood vessels. Most of this pressure is a result of our heart pumping. With the shift in lifestyles, most people experience cardiac disease. There are allopathic remedies for heart-related ailments, but a visible change can be seen in a society where ayurvedic treatments have been explored and researched.

Ayurveda is the study of life that has been followed for over 5000 years. Ayurveda is all about following a stable lifestyle and following a good diet and exercise. Here are some ayurvedic herbs and home remedies for Blood Pressure to help us overcome heart-related diseases.


1. Vasa

Vasa helps in purifying our blood due to the presence of a cardiac tonic. It increases the blood count, helps regulate blood pressure and maintain normal human blood pressure, and prevents a host from facing rhythm disorder.

Vasa’s Special quality for treating respiratory conditions such as asthma, cough, and bronchitis. A chemical similar to bromhexine chloride is present in Vasa. As a result, vasa works as an expectorant.


2. Guduchi

Guduchi is known for its detoxification, rejuvenation, and boosting immune system properties. It helps in controlling blood pressure measurement and reduces lipid levels. For someone suffering from cardiac issues is recommended to consume Guduchi. It can also be used to deal with infertility.


3. Chavya

Chavya is categorized as one of the panchakola groups of spices. It is good for improving digestion. It helps improve blood circulation by improving vessel size and reopening veins.


4. Bibhitaki

Bibhitaki is majorly used in dealing with stomach ulcers. This plant help in coping with stress. It works as a wonder fruit in controlling stress levels. Due to the presence of antioxidants and bioactive components, this fruit is renowned for its immunity-boosting properties. It helps in improving digestion and increases the production of bile juices. Bibhitaki maintains blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity, ultimately saving our hearts from a stroke.


5. Vidanga

Heart disease generally occurs due to vata dosha. Vidanga can be used to manage heart diseases. It reacts against radical cells, damaging cells and showing a cardioprotective effect.

Vidanga is also good for kids to help them deal with their teeth grinding. It has anthelmintic activities. As a result, it is beneficial for worms in the stomach.


6. Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is known for its stress-relieving qualities. It is a good source of adaptogens, which helps our body deal with stress and anxiety. Apart from this, it also helps calm our minds. Ashwagandha improves overall sleep and sleeps quality. It also enhances focus related to weight gain as well.


7. Garlic

Thousands of years before the time when garlic was used as a food ingredient, it was consumed as a medication to deal with various diseases. Garlic has multiple health benefits, which include :


Boost Immune System 

It is the best ayurvedic immunity booster for our body that keeps us away from various diseases. Consuming raw garlic can prevent us from catching a cold and fever.

Reduce High blood pressure range 

Heart-related diseases are the most concern throughout the globe. With a stressful life, developing a heart-related disease is very common nowadays. Garlic is the best spice that can be used in managing high blood pressure.

8. Arjuna

Extracted from the bark of the Arjun tree, this ayurvedic herb can be used for various purposes. Almost every part of this tree is considered good for our health and can be consumed for different purposes. Here are some of the health benefits of arjuna :


Positive effects on blood pressure normal range

The bark stem of arjuna contains diuretic, inotropic, and chronotropic properties good for heart health. It is beneficial to manage chest pain.  It also increases exercise tolerance.

9. Triphala

Triphala has numerous health benefits. Just two spoons of Triphala will help you maintain your normal bp of human and reduce cholesterol and plaque accumulation in the veins. It’s best to reduce strain on the blood vessels.


10. Jatamansi

This herb is full of antioxidants and saves our arteries from damage. There are other benefits of this herb, such as :


Fight Anxiety 

Feeling anxious often results in an increased heart rate; with the lifestyle change, feeling anxious is common nowadays, which is used to maintain anxiety symptoms.


Insomnia is a disease related to a disturbed sleep cycle. When Jatamansi oil is applied to the crown of the head and the feet, it results in peaceful sleep. It helps in calming the nervous system.

Wound Healing

Jatamansi is best used to heal wounds or any injuries. When mixed with coconut oil, it quickly helps heal the wounded area.

Anti Wrinkles 

Jatamansi is proven to be effective for skin care. Wrinkles occur with age. By maintaining moisture content in the skin, Jatamansi helps in reducing wrinkles.

11. Ajwain

Ajwain herb seeds are commonly known as carom seeds. They are widely used in Indian cuisines. Due to the various health benefits, ajwain seeds are for various health benefits such as :


Fight Bacteria and Fungai – Activate compounds like thymol and carvacrol, which helps in fighting bacteria and fungi.

Improve Cholesterol Levels – High Cholesterol levels may result in various heart related diseases. It helps in reducing bad cholesterol. At the same time, it reduces good cholesterol.

Reduce high blood pressure – Carom Seeds help to enlarge the blood vessel’s size, reducing high blood pressure applied to the veins.

12. Amla

Amla is often used for various purposes such as pickles,  candied, powdered & amla juices for different medical uses such as :


Promotes Immune Function – It is a great source of vitamin C which acts as an antioxidant. It contains more than 600-700 mg of vitamin C. It enhances immune cell function. It also reduces the chances of cell damage.

Improves Liver Health – It helps in improving metabolism, which prevents fatty liver related diseases. When consumed correctly, it also helps in reducing fat.

Boost Heart Health – Amla extract reduces the risk of heart-related diseases such as triglyceride, cholesterol, inflammation, etc., which ultimately increases the overall health of our heart.

These are some of the herbs that can be used as ayurvedic medicine for blood pressure. What matters is that you keep the measurement of these herbs in check because excess of anything is bad. To maintain a normal blood pressure level, we must first understand the current blood pressure measurement based on whether there is high or low blood pressure.


Here are some suggestions for best ayurvedic medicine online that are considered the best medicine for high blood pressure and low blood pressure :

It’s important that you keep a check on whatever medication you consume and consult an expert ayurvedic doctor and get the best results in terms of health.

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