Ayurvedic Treatment For Piles Like Rectal Pain, Itching, Bleeding

  • Aug 12, 2022
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Almost 10 million people are suffering the pain of piles in India. We live in a society where topics like hemorrhoids commonly known as piles are considered taboos. As a result, people who are suffering from this disease tend to avoid expressing their conditions openly and silently suffering from Rectal pain, Itching, Bleeding, and mucus discharge. In between all this chaos here we are creating a platform to learn and understand various factors that result in hemorrhoids and get the best ayurvedic treatment.


Piles occur when the anal cushions are dislodged. The anal cushions are simple structures that play an important role in continence. There are no known causes of haemorrhoidal disease constipation and irregular bowel habits are frequently blamed despite substantial contrary evidence. Even though there have been multiple types of research done on the mechanism of longitudinal muscle concerning haemorrhoidal disease yet there is no set proof of how a person loses the muscle-mind connection while suffering from piles.


When a continuous pressure is applied to the veins of the lower rectum region for a long period it causes those veins to bulge out. The cause of the pressure may vary as it depends upon the various situation such as:

  • Weight Gain or pregnancy
  • Lifting heavy weights
  • Pushing hard to have a bowel movement


Grades of Piles

Piles can be categorized into four different parts. let’s understand them all in detail:

Grade 1

These are not visible because of their inflammation size along the side of the anus.

Grade 2

Compared to grade 1 these are larger but remain inside the anus and are left unnoticed most of the time.

Grade 3

These are majorly hanging outside the anus but can be easily reinserted without any medical expertise.

Grade 4

These are quite large and since they remain out of the anus hence they require special treatment and medical expertise.



As we grow old all of us see a variety of changes in our body be it our bone density or digestive system an unavoidable problem that accompanies us with old age is Piles. It is majorly classified into two brief types:

Internal haemorrhoidal

A majority of people face internal haemorrhoidal at different stages of their lives. As the name suggests it occurs deep inside the veins of the rectum, as a result, it is left unnoticed. The only way to identify this disease is when bleeding is spotted on the toilet paper or pot.

External haemorrhoidal

External haemorrhoidal occurs outside the anus an outer line of vain is visible it gets extremely inconvenient for the patient and requires a lot of precautions. Often a lump is created and needs to be operated on.



No matter what disease a person might be suffering from its root causes are generally the daily life mistakes that we commit. Let’s understand the reasons behind piles so that next time when you notice something like this you will know what precautions to take.

Not eating high-fiber food

Eating high-fiber food like fruits and vegetables helps soften the stool and increases its bulk hence it reduces the chances of straining during the bowel moment. Most of us don’t have a fiber-rich diet which makes it hard for us to keep up with daily requirements in a situation like these considering a fiber supplement is always a good option.

Not drinking enough water

It’s important to stay hydrated to keep the stole softly. Those who can’t drink a lot of water should consider natural fruit juice.

Eating Junk Food

The majority of junk food available in the market nowadays contains a high amount of gluten or carbs which may result in constipation ultimately resulting in applying more pressure during the bowel moment.

Inactive lifestyle

Following an unhealthy lifestyle may result in a weak immune system and loss of core also known as abdominal muscles as a result people are more prone to suffer strain while lifting heavy weights.



Being unaware of the initial symptoms is a major mistake that people commit as a result by the time they realize what they have done it gets impossible for them to control it. Hence here are some of the common symptoms which need to be kept in mind.

Rectal pain

Haemorrhoidal causes mild and moderate discomfort which if not treated properly may result in bleeding.


People who suffer from internal haemorrhoidal experience mucus secretion which irritates the sensitive part of the anal ultimately resulting in itching.


A person suffering from piles experiences a thick layer of mass around the anal area a result streaming during a bowel moment results in bleeding.


Sore and redness in the anus area

Be it external or internal haemorrhoidal due to swollen veins it gets next to impossible for a person to do daily tasks hence they experience redness in the anus area.

Mucus discharge

If the internal haemorrhoidal becomes inflamed it can leak mucus. This is what causes stains on the underwear of the patient.


Lumps are the most common factors that a piles patient experiences. It gets collected around the anus area.


Ayurvedic Treatment

Ayurveda dates back roughly 3000 years. Indians have been using herbs and plants for thousands of years, passing down their knowledge to new generations.

It is based on the concept of doshas. There are a total of three of them: fire (pitta), air (Vata), and water (Kapha). According to this theory, all of us have a dominating dosa compared to the other two of them. Dosa’s are based on thousands of years of study in the Ayurveda which includes their physical and mental health.

According to Ayurveda the best way to deal with piles is to counter its root cause by following specific exercises and a piles diet plan accompanied by natural herbs and medicines. Here are some of the ayurvedic treatments which can help a person recover from Piles:


Kshar Sutra is a cost-effective Ayurved treatment with no side effects and a one-time solution to the diseases like piles. An alkaline herbal paste is used to treat piles in this treatment. It helps in neutralizing the wound which has been bleeding and hurting. It is considered one of the best ways to deal with piles in Ayurveda.


Sastra chikitsa

In this treatment, a thread is tied to the lump to cut off the blood flow allowing the swollen vein to shrink in a week or two. After a point in time, the lump will detach itself from the body.


Agnikarma is a long-term treatment as the name suggests this treatment is done with the help of ‘Agni’ also known as heat or fire. It takes up to 4 to 5 rounds of the lump being treated with infrared heat. This treatment is meant for external hemorrhoids.

ayurveda-help-in-treating piles

In the end, we need to understand that ayurvedic treatment is surely effective and risk-free. Getting the best possible outcomes requires a change in lifestyle and a discipline compared to allopathic treatments which are known for their quick relief that remains for a short period. Medicines like Arsh karma capsules and herbal oil along with Medrasayan Vati Ayurvedic Tablets not only help you fasten up your recovery but also compliments your treatment to help you get the best results. Ayurveda is slow but a one-time solution.

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